Relief PC, LLC has been in business since 2003, serving businesses in many industries and of many sizes.  We can help ensure your IT works for you, the way it's supposed to, without giving you a headache.

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"Value Based Computer Services"

At Relief PC, we can offer you peace of mind when using your computer. And should something go wrong, we have the experience and knowledge to get you back up and running.

Some Of Our Services


We provide a custom contract solution so you get the amount of monthly service you need, without breaking the bank.

Offering both business and home contracts, we have the right contract for you!

Disaster Recovery

By having scheduled maintenance, you can often avoid disaster – or be prepared if it does happen.

We can help you setup cloud backups to protect your data even in the worst of situations.  Plus, your data is accessible when you need it.


Sometimes you just need a small upgrade to make your computer feel new again.  We can help you get there.

When you have a need to repair, whether you dropped your laptop or things just stopped working, we can get you back up and running quickly.

Pricing Overview

Business Contracts

$500 Initial Setup Fee
Recommended two hours per month for each ten workstations

Hourly Rates

Home Computers: $75 – 1st Hour
$60 – Additional Hours

Business Computers:$120/hr
In House Upgrades/Repair: $45/hr

Home Contracts

$150 – Initial Setup Fee

$49.99/month – Remote Workstation Maintenance

Our Leadership Team

Brian Auerbach
Managing Partner

Dewayne Perryman
Service Manager

Why Relief, PC LLC?

Relief PC, LLC offers our clients computer services based on actual use and shared costs.  We're a small business and we work hard to keep overhead down allowing us to pass savings on to you.  We call it "value based services."™

We've been in business for over 15 years, and in that time, we have built an excellent reputation for being good at what we do.  Give us a call to see the difference!

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So now you know what Relief PC, LLC can offer you, it's time to call and let us get your computers working for you.
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